There's No Place Like Home Sweet Home!

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The foundations of Home Sweet Home:

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Adding and Subtracting Come AFTER:

  • Counting the worms we dug out of the dirt
  • Listening to sound patterns made banging pots & pans
  • Counting to 10 for hide & seek

Adding and subtracting does NOT come from memorizing sums from flashcards

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Writing Comes AFTER:

  • Squishing mounds of playdough
  • Using as much paper as I need to scribble shapes & spirals
  • Using chalk to make beautiful patterns on the patio, house, trees...

Writing does NOT come by forcing children to copy letters on lined paper.

Stanwood Daycare
“Playing is the
foundation that supports
a child’s house of learning.”

- Lisa Murphy
Stanwood Daycare
Stanwood Daycare
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