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Our program for infants through age 5 is designed for the youngest of our clients' children. We believe the multiage classroom is ideal for developing deep relationships with the same caregivers for an extended period of time.

We have a play-based program designed around the latest research in brain and early childhood development. We have a rhythm to our day that flows naturally, following the interests and the needs of each child.

This is a place that inspires and nurtures a love of learning.

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Kid Central is our before and after school program for ages 6-12. This is a place where children have the opportunity to explore 3 acres. We feel the importance of the benefits the exploring opportunities provide.

Close your eyes and think about your favorite childhood memories. That is what inspires our program. Hide & seek, tag, kickball, building forts, climbing trees, fishing at the lake and more. Sadly most children today don’t experience these simple pleasures. 

Our mission at Kid Central is to give every child this experience.

The Fun Starts Here!

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At Imagine That! Early Learning Center, we believe children learn best through play. That when children are allowed to think for themselves and develop on their own biological timeline, they show an eagerness for relevant, developmentally appropriate learning that scaffolds their capacity for achieving a higher level of learning. Research studies have consistently shown that PLAY HAS PURPOSE!

We believe that children are inquisitive by nature and given the opportunities to take appropriate risks, create and test their imaginations wonders, interact with their peers and friends, and evolve themselves, that they will develop the cognitive, physical, and emotional senses to propel them through living a full and fulfilling life.

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